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Eksjö Stadsfest
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Vinscat is a 23year old singer/song-writer from the South of France.

Her love of beats and hip hop are evident in her staccato lyrical phrasing, juxtaposed with jazz and soulful melodies and contemporary pop production.

Her influences are diverse from Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Krall to Jack Johnson, Lauryn Hill, Eminem and The Roots.

She is particularly influenced and inspired by American jazz singer, Melody Gardot, who suffered severe injuries in a catastrophic road accident, resulting in memory loss: “I admire her resilience; she has to re-learn her songs every day yet she is still positive, fun and writing beautiful music. She resonates with me – writing songs makes me feel better; music is an indispensable outlet for me”

She started composing on guitar and piano, and singing at the age of 12 but at 18 faced a dichotomy: pursue a career in maths or follow her passion in music? Music won out and she studied modern music at the Aix-en-Provence conservatoire for two years. During this time she collaborated with Monkey Joker, a local DJ and they released together a cover of King of Leons that reached 250K plays on Soundcloud and YouTube.

In 2018, she decided to move to London to improve her songwriting skills, and that is where she met her band. Together they graced the stages of Sofar Sounds London, Half Moon Putney, Under the Bridge, The Venue 229 and headlined a sold out show at the famous Notting Hill Arts Club. In April 2018, she released on Spotify  her debut single «  Fruit Wish ».

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